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CrashPlan Step-by-Step Adoption Process

Getting a new computer doesn’t mean you have to upload all your data again. Using CrashPlan’s adoption process, you can transfer your old computer’s identity to your new machine, so you can continue backing up without having to re-send data.

When you choose to adopt a computer with CrashPlan, you’re basically telling CrashPlan to assume…

Code42 nerds celebrate Star Wars Day

There is no shortage of self-appointed nerds at Code42. And today is another one of those nerd holidays we love to celebrate: Star Wars Day. For fans, these films are milestones in our youth. We’re not sure how much influence watching our heroes repair hyperdrives or disabling tractor beams and shield generators had on us…

Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud: Selecting the Right Endpoint Backup Strategy for Your Company

CrashPlan PROe, Code42’s enterprise endpoint backup solution, allows companies to store data in the way that works best for their organization. CrashPlan PROe’s cloud-based endpoint backup solution provides the enterprise with a wide range of data storage options: public cloud, managed private cloud and hybrid cloud.

But how do you choose the right cloud backup…

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