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Forrester report demonstrates business value of Code42

Forrester Report Demonstrates Business Value of Code42

While business executives might be more tolerant of some risks, risks that disrupt the business and impede growth are unacceptable. Join us for a live webinar with Forrester where we’ll go in-depth on the specific business values—in hard dollars and cents—that contribute to the impressive ROI and NPV of Code42 endpoint backup and recovery. Read More
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Consumer and Enterprise Data Protection Needs Diverge

We have announced our decision to no longer offer the consumer version of our product, known as CrashPlan for Home. We will honor all of our existing agreements with consumers, but we will no longer renew any consumer subscriptions, nor will we sign up any new consumers for Crashplan for Home. Going forward, we will exclusively serve all businesses large and small, as well as education organizations. Read More
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