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5 steps to risk-based security budgeting

IT leaders are moving to risk-based security budgeting as their departments are having to make due with less. IDC identified risk-based budgeting as a Top 10 imperative for 2015, and predicts that by 2016, 25% of large enterprises will be making security spending decisions based on risk analysis. We have five steps to help get you started. … Read More
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Managing shadow IT

“Shadow IT”, or solutions not specified or deployed by the IT department, now account for 35 percent of enterprise applications. Research shows an increase in IT shadow spend with numbers projected to grow another 20 percent by the end of 2015. So how do you start to get a handle on it? … Read More
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The PHI security double whammy and what to do about it

Two healthcare security trends are colliding that should have healthcare executives taking action. One is an increasing number of personal health information (PHI) disclosure points. The other is a shift from employee negligence to criminal attacks as the leading cause of PHI breaches. With more access points and more criminals bent on penetrating them, the potential for HIPAA violations and resulting fines is skyrocketing. … Read More
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