Archives by Month: March 2015

Two-factor authentication increases security, decreases risk in the enterprise

Code4e platform integration with RADIUS compatible identity management services—such as Microsoft NPS, and Gemalto IDConfirm 1000 servers—enables two-factor authentication with access-challenge and decreases the risk of compromised credentials and devices. When two-factor authentication access-challenge is enabled, users logging into CrashPlan or SharePlan apps must provide a username and password (login credentials) and a one-time code delivered from another system via SMS, email or token. … Read More

New bill addresses student privacy

Technology has already begun to transform education. New digital tools include online homework portals, digital grade books and applications that can collect and analyze “user” data to tailor lessons on the spot. But questions about the data collected on students in the classroom and how it is used have parents, teachers and President Obama concerned. … Read More