Archives by Month: January 2016

Removing bandwidth bottlenecks with Code42 CrashPlan 5.1

In the 5.1 release we continue to move toward a “set it and forget it” technology by including the ability to specify different data transfer rates for peak and off-peak business hours. While the majority of CrashPlan users experience no perceptible difference in device performance during continuous, automatic backup, administrators in low-bandwidth locations are sometimes affected. Bandwidth slows down when numerous machines are backing up during peak hours. … Read More

Improving data privacy one employee at a time

It’s no Hallmark holiday, but here at Code42, Data Privacy Day is kind of a big deal. We think it should be a big deal for your organization, too. It’s a great chance to focus on the biggest security threat in your organization: your end users and their devices. Code42's Chief Security Officer Rick Orloff shares six tips to make data security an end-user responsibility. … Read More

Device replacement wizard brings self service to data migration

Tech refresh and device replacement just got even easier for IT. With the release of the Code42 CrashPlan 5.1 device replacement wizard, IT administrators can bow out of the device replacement process altogether. The wizard makes it simple for end users to transfer their own files when replacing an old device or drive, recovering data after an operating system reinstall or adding a new device to backup with CrashPlan. … Read More

Code42 CrashPlan 5.1 makes protecting enterprise data easier—and faster

We are pleased to announce the release of Code42 CrashPlan 5.1. This release strengthens Code42’s core backup and recovery platform with new file search, reporting, device migration and bandwidth management features, delivers more visibility into end-user data activity and helps customers scale their global Code42 CrashPlan deployments. … Read More

Every record matters: The business case for data loss prevention

We all like making decisions based on evidence. And it’s a lot easier to get behind a change that promises a return. This is the eternal struggle of enterprise security. How do you make the business case for proactive data loss prevention (DLP) measures when you know they won’t completely prevent data breach? How do you convince decision-makers about an ROI that makes “the worst” less bad? … Read More

2016 predictions on cloud adoption from VP Cloud Ops Ken Rothenberger

It’s 2016, and the tide is finally turning toward the enterprise cloud. After 2014 saw cloud adoption lag behind expectations, 2015 saw 84 percent of organizations increase their cloud usage. Ken Rothenberger, Code42’s new vice president of Cloud Operations, talks about the forces driving this shift and what to expect in the enterprise cloud landscape for 2016 and beyond. … Read More