42 Seconds with a Code42 Customer: North Highland

Code42 provides your business with a variety of benefits, including increased productivity, risk mitigation, streamlined user workflows, and more – all in a single product that’s been proven to ultimately save you money. While Code42 has a few primary use cases – backup and recovery, device migration, etc. – we’ve learned that our different customers use Code42 in different ways. To explore how customers use our product, we recently partnered with the talented team at creative agency Crash+Sues to create a series of animated videos featuring the voices and likenesses of actual Code42 users.

Why did we choose to go with animation? We decided that by animating customer stories, we could bring them to life in a way that a “talking head” video simply can’t. Plus, it gives us the opportunity to pack our videos with fun Easter eggs and in-jokes!

In our first video, Lincoln Higdon, director of information technology at professional services firm North Highland, explains how they use Code42 for backup and recovery. In the professional services industry, the old saying “time is money” is especially true. As a company that depends on billable hours, any downtime can literally harm the bottom line, the company’s reputation, or both. Fortunately, with Code42, firms like North Highland can easily bounce back from data loss. Check out the video to hear Lincoln’s story. After all, who doesn’t have 42 seconds to spare?