42 Seconds with a Code42 Customer: Utex Industries

Code42 provides your business with a variety of data security benefits, including increased productivity, risk mitigation, streamlined user workflows, and more – all in a single product that’s been proven to ultimately save you money. While Code42 has a few primary use cases – backup and recovery, device migration, etc. – we’ve learned that our different customers use Code42 in different ways. To explore how customers use our product, we recently partnered with the talented team at creative agency Crash+Sues to create a series of animated videos featuring the voices and likenesses of actual Code42 users.

In our latest video, Jeff Hiner, systems administrator at Utex Industries, explains that the company suffered an insider breach when a company chemist decided to steal company files. While Utex was already a Code42 customer and had already purchased a license for Security Center, they hadn’t yet set it up. As a result, the had to conduct an investigation that was both expensive and time-consuming. Jeff tells the story in just 42 seconds. Watch it below.