7 Questions to Answer Before Starting a Windows 10 Migration

With 2017 well underway, enterprise migrations to Windows 10 are right around the corner for many companies. While some employees may be excited about the new OS (especially if it’s paired with a hardware refresh), IT tends to dread device migration projects due to the hit to time and productivity. Fortunately, the move to Windows 10 should be less painful than the migration from Windows XP that many businesses suffered through a few years back. With careful planning, the pain of migration can be diminished even further. That’s why we’ve put together a handy checklist to help you plan your migration project.

Entitled “7 Questions to Answer Before Starting a Windows 10 Migration,” this checklist walks you through seven key considerations for your migration planning:

  • INTEGRATION: Can your infrastructure support Windows 10?
  • TIMELINE: Will you migrate gradually—or in bulk?
  • SCHEDULE: How will you strategically schedule migration phases?
  • DATA PROTECTION: Is endpoint data backed up? Are you sure?
  • USER EXPERIENCE: How are you handling user settings and profiles?
  • PROCESS: Will you do an in-place or wipe-and-reload migration?
  • METHODOLOGY: How scalable is your migration workflow?

The checklist walks through these seven areas in detail, so you can quickly but accurately determine how prepared you are for your Windows 10 Migration. Read it today.

Windows 10 Migration Checklist

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