A Day in the Life of a Code42 Intern

As part of our growing organizational needs, the Code42 Talent team kicked off the company’s first-ever formalized internship program this summer. Our first cohort of interns have been building on their education and skills in two of our offices: Headquarters in Minneapolis and our Broomfield, Colorado location. 

The goal of the Code42 Internship Program is for our selected interns to have the most fulfilling experiential learning experience, while working with some of the greatest minds in the technology industry.  Our three core principles of the program are: 

  • To provide a substantive and challenging professional experience
  • To provide strong training and orientation
  • To provide robust evaluation with real time feedback; guidance, coaching and mentoring; and program evaluations.

The biggest unwritten goal and principle was to do all of those things with a healthy dose of comradery and fun. So what is it like to be a part of this program and to work at Code42? Follow Mari Davis for a glimpse inside a day in the life of a Code42 intern.

Meet Mari

Hi! My name is Mari, and this summer I’ve been working as a marketing intern at Code42. It truly has been an amazing experience so far, and I’m excited to share with you a glimpse into my Code42 internship experience. This an hour-by-hour breakdown of a typical day for me at Code42.

6:00am – Time to get up and ready for work
The dress code at Code42 is pretty casual – but I like to “dress for the day.” If I’m giving a presentation or have a meeting with executives, I’ll choose a business casual outfit. If I’ll mostly be working at my desk or participating in a team activity like volunteering, then a pair of nice jeans and a Code42 t-shirt are perfect. I make sure I’ve got my laptop, notebook, and badge before I head out the door. Once I’m ready to go, it’s time to catch the bus – I live in Uptown, a part of town that’s close to Code42’s headquarters in downtown Minneapolis, so I have an easy 25-minute commute to the office.

8:00am – Settling in for the day
Most of this year’s intern cohort also works out of the company headquarters. We just moved into an office in the 100 Washington Square building, where a quick elevator ride brings you to an impressive Code42 entrance and skyline views. Security is obviously a big deal here, so badging in is a must.

10:30am – Morning meetings
After I’ve had a chance to grab some coffee from the kitchen, go through my emails, and get started on some work, it’s time to break for a quick stand-up meeting near our marketing “Wall of Gratitude.” Our marketing team gathers for 15 minutes once a week to do a quick check-in with our senior vice president of marketing. I love the openness of Code42 leadership with the rest of the company, and these meetings are one example of that transparency. We learn about the latest company and team news and then get a chance to ask questions, share updates, and give kudos to our coworkers.If it’s not a marketing stand-up meeting, I usually have a one-on-one meeting with my manager, an intern cohort meeting, a project meeting, or a training session. I’m not always in meetings though. I do get a lot of time to work on my projects, and our marketing team has even established a “No Meetings Morning” every Wednesday to make sure we get a chance to focus on our work.

12:00pm – Lunch
Today the intern cohort is walking to the food trucks a few blocks away. Other days, I’ve attended “lunch and learns” or grabbed lunch with coworkers on the marketing team. A quick stroll through the Minneapolis skyway leads to several restaurant choices. There’s also a nice patio outside of our building too – it’s a great place to get some fresh air over the lunch break.

1:00pm – Back to work
At this point in the day, I’m back at my desk to work. I’ve been lucky enough to be assigned a variety of fun and challenging projects with Product Marketing, Marketing Operations, and Customer Marketing. Every intern in the Code42 intern program is assigned their own manager and mentor, so it’s been really great to be able to check in with mine along the way. When I can feel the urge for a post-lunch nap kicking in, our standing desks come in handy! If I just need to get away from my desk altogether though, there are alternative places to work, like the couches or café style seating. After a few hours, I might need something to keep me going, and there are plenty of free snacks and beverages to choose from in the kitchen. My personal favorites are a handful of chocolate covered almonds and a mango La Croix.

5:00pm – Wrapping up the day
At Code42, a couple of our core values are “Get It Done” and “Do It Right.” I’m normally wrapping up my work and heading home around 5:00pm, but sometimes I’ll stay a little later to make sure I “GID and DIR!” There are also some after-work activities, like the company picnic during Sales Kick-Off week or the “Summer Patio Series” happy hours.

Today, Code42 is taking all of the interns, our managers and mentors to a Twins baseball game! Our office is near the stadium, so most of us walk over together. It’s so much fun getting to mingle with the Code42 crew outside of work over some good food and a game on a beautiful Minneapolis summer night.

About the Author: Mari Davis is currently an MBA candidate with The Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. She’ll be graduating in May of 2018 and hopes to pursue a career in technology, specifically product marketing or management.