A Vote of Confidence

For most businesses, a customer referral is the gold standard. That’s why we are proud to announce that Code42 has been recognized as the most popular backup solution by G2 Crowd, an independent research company that provides buyers with an online platform to learn more about technology solutions based on the feedback of those who know best – other technology buyers.

In the G2 Crowd Winter 2017 Backup Software Grid Report released earlier this month, Code42 was rated number one in popularity out of all backup solutions. And, when compared specifically to other endpoint backup solutions, Code42 placed first in seven out of nine categories, including:

  • Most likely to recommend
  • Ease of administration
  • Ease of doing business
  • Quality of support
  • Ease of use
  • Meeting requirements
G2 Crowd Winter 2017 Backup Software Grid Report

We know that the true measure of a product’s critical capabilities lies with actual users. Yes, analyst rankings are important, but when it comes to making a technology decision, hands-on peer experience always matters more.

G2 Crowd Grid reports combine customer satisfaction data from users along with vendor market presence determined from social and public data. For the Winter 2017 Backup Software Grid Report, G2 Crowd defines backup as solutions that copy data from servers, databases, desktops, laptops and other devices.

Unlike other kinds of backup solutions, Code42 protects data at the endpoint in real time so organizations can view, analyze and restore employee files, and remediate and recover their data quickly and easily. Working automatically and continuously in the background, Code42 backs up data to the cloud so users don’t have to act to ensure their data is safe. By centralizing all end-user data on a single platform, enterprises gain full visibility and control and can detect, respond and remediate following data incidents.

Find out more how Code42 stacks up against the competition by downloading the Code42 G2 Crowd Endpoint Backup Product Comparison Report.