Avoid the Heartbreak of Insider Threat

While everyone else is celebrating love and romance this Valentine’s Day, here at Code42 we’re reflecting on heartbreak—specifically, the heartbreak of insider threat.

The Heartbreak and Betrayal of Insider Threat
It’s a feeling anyone in the enterprise world is familiar with. Someone you trust—someone you hired, work with, maybe even talk to daily—betrays that trust and steals data, deletes data or gives away access credentials. In fact, you’ve probably had it happen recently. Nine in 10 organizations experience at least one insider threat each month—and according to the Ponemon Institute, one in three of those incidents are the result of intentional or malicious insider activities.

You Don’t Have to Be a Cynic—Just Know the Warning Signs
What’s truly heartbreaking is that most organizations don’t see these insider threats coming. They miss the signs of disgruntled employees and suspicious or risky behavior. They’re shocked by insider threat and they end up bitter and cynical—feeling like they can’t trust their own employees.

But you don’t have to be a cynic. By knowing the warning signs, you can spot the employees most likely to steal or destroy sensitive data—and get back to the trusting relationship that empowers the rest of your staff to do good, honest work.

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  1. With IP making up 80 percent of a company’s value, insider threat is something that every company should take seriously. Since it was established in the 19, the RSA Conference has been one of the key events in the security world, and the 2017 event was once again a massive event.

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