Data Privacy

Apple vs. FBI: The “bad” guys always get the “good” weapons

It’s a powerful tool, created for good—until it falls into the wrong hands. Sounds like a classic James Bond plot, right? That’s how we see the battle surrounding government-mandated “backdoors” playing out—and why we side with Apple (and most of the tech world) in supporting the individual’s right to privacy. Because unfortunately, 007 doesn’t stand a chance against today’s cyber criminals. … Read More

Improving data privacy one employee at a time

It’s no Hallmark holiday, but here at Code42, Data Privacy Day is kind of a big deal. We think it should be a big deal for your organization, too. It’s a great chance to focus on the biggest security threat in your organization: your end users and their devices. Code42's Chief Security Officer Rick Orloff shares six tips to make data security an end-user responsibility. … Read More

Has Safe Harbour been drained?

On October 6, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that the safe harbour agreement—which provides a single standard for transatlantic data transfer and storage—between Europe and the U.S. is no longer valid. The ruling means that European countries can set their own regulations prescribing how the U.S. handles EU citizens’ data. … Read More