Simplify Legal Hold and eDiscovery with Code42

Today, many organizations face overwhelming costs and burdens associated with responding to eDiscovery and legal hold demands. This is no surprise, given the incredible growth in corporate data – market research firm IDC predicts that the amount of data created and copied every year will reach 180 zettabytes in 2025. For reference, that looks like this: 180,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

With so much data, it can be difficult to identify, preserve and collect all the data required for eDiscovery. At the same time, it’s never been more critical to be able to accurately collect data for legal matters. Since 2005, sanctions for spoliation of evidence have increased almost 300 percent. In 2015, the sanctions in one landmark case totaled nearly $1 million for repeated negligence in the eDiscovery process. In other words, outdated legal hold processes could wind up costing your company serious money.

Fortunately, Code42 has the legal hold capabilities that both the IT and Legal teams need. With Code42 already preserving all data on employee endpoints, litigation support personnel rapidly select custodians, apply policies and preserve data in place, with:

  • No IT time
  • No IT travel costs
  • No third-party file collection costs
  • No need to physically confiscate employee computers
  • Reduced litigation and eDiscovery costs

To learn more about how Code42’s Legal Hold and eDiscovery features empower legal teams with powerful tools and minimal IT involvement, watch our latest feature trailer below.

Simplified Device Migration with Code42

Code42’s endpoint data security solution provides your business with a variety of benefits, including increased productivity, risk mitigation, streamlined user workflows and more – all in a single product that’s been proven to ultimately save you money. One way Code42 helps you cut costs is with our device migration feature – moving employees to upgraded devices has never been faster or easier.

With Code42, employee data is automatically backed up every 15 minutes by default. When it’s time to move an employee to a new computer, their data can be transferred to a new machine seamlessly – even before the employee has turned in the old machine. With Code42, gone are the days when device migration projects meant hours of lost productivity (and, in turn, lost revenue). According to Code42 customer Schneider Electric Sweden, Code42 cuts their tech refresh process from 24 hours down to three or four, saving roughly 7,000 hours in employee downtime per year. Think about how much money 7,000 wasted hours would cost your organization.

To learn more about how device migration with Code42 saves time and money, watch our latest feature video below.

Protect your business from ransomware

Protect Your Business from Ransomware with Code42

Code42’s endpoint data security solution provides your business with a variety of benefits, including increased productivity, risk mitigation, streamlined user workflows, and more–all in a single product that’s been proven to ultimately save you money. With ransomware making huge headlines in 2017, one of the Code42 features that enterprises are most interested in is ransomware recovery.

Since Code42 backs up your data every 15 minutes by default, you can roll back to a point in time and access files you were working on before the ransomware attack–without ever paying the ransom. Ransomware recovery is one of the major ways a true endpoint backup solution beats file sync and share products for data backup. Sync and share products can’t restore to a particular point in time, but they can actually spread ransomware through an organization.

To learn more about how Code42 beats sync and share products for ransomware recovery, watch our latest feature video below.

Responding to Insider Threats with Okta and Code42

He knows your company’s most important technology choices. He knows how you are solving the market problems of tomorrow. You call him one of your key employees. We call him Sean. Your company needs him to succeed because he is one of your top performers and helps drive your technology. Sean can be a huge asset to your company–or one of your greatest threats.

All companies have a Sean. Your company has a Sean. What if Sean decides to take and share business-critical proprietary data? If Sean becomes an insider threat, are you prepared to respond?

Even with all the best prevention systems enabled, the reality is that it is difficult to stop insider threats like Sean completely.  In fact, 89 percent of enterprise data loss involves insider actions. And because up to 80 percent of a company’s value lies in its intellectual property, insiders are in the position to do serious harm to your business.

So how do you react when Sean goes rogue? How can you minimize the impact of his actions?

Watch our on-demand webinar to review the realities of insider threats. Along with our partner Okta, we talk about how organizations can identify and respond to these threats using tools that many companies already have in place – endpoint data protection and centralized authentication.

Join us for our on-demand webinar, Responding to Insider Threats with Authentication and Endpoint Data, and learn how companies are responding to insider threats and minimizing the impact to their organizations.

On demand webinar upgrading with Code42

Protect Your Data from Insider Threats with Code42

Code42 provides your business with a variety of benefits, including increased productivity, risk mitigation, streamlined user workflows, and more – all in a single product that’s been proven to ultimately save you money. Recently, Code42 launched Security Center, a new suite of tools to help you spot suspicious data use behaviors in your workforce – and respond to them if necessary. There’s a big reason why we added this feature – the facts show that 89 percent of corporate data loss involves the actions of an insider.

We recently partnered with the talented team at creative agency Crash+Sues to create a series of videos about the core features of Code42. This most recent video focuses on an all-too common scenario in which an employee decides to steal valuable data from his employer. Unfortunately for him, this company has Code42’s Security Center.

Take a look today for an illustration of how Code42 and Security Center can help keep your enterprise’s data safe from insider threats.

Real-time Recovery Is at the Core of Code42

Code42 provides your business with a variety of benefits, including increased productivity, risk mitigation, streamlined user workflows, and more – all in a single product that’s been proven to ultimately save you money. All of these benefits are all built off our core feature: real-time recovery of endpoint data. With Code42, you get your data back faster when data loss incidents strike – and strike they will. Accidental deletion, file corruption, hardware failure, or even widespread cyberattack – sooner or later you’ll have to deal with one or more of these issues.

We recently partnered with the talented team at creative agency Crash+Sues to create a series of videos about the core features of Code42, and we naturally kicked the project off by highlighting our recovery feature. We’re happy to share it with you today. Take a look to learn more about Real-time Recovery with Code42 – you may even be entertained in the process!

Forrester Report Demonstrates Business Value of Code42

There’s a tremendous shift within the enterprise IT world. For many years, IT and security leaders invested in technology to protect their company, customers, and brand at all costs. But now we’re seeing a shift: Business leaders are willing to accept some risk in order to grow. In this new era, business decision-makers often require vendors to answer one simple question: “What value are you delivering to our business?” While risk is still relevant for executives, technology solutions must demonstrate either the ability to directly drive growth, or to secure it.

Some risks can never be tolerated

While business executives might be more tolerant of some risks, risks that disrupt the business and impede growth are unacceptable. With comprehensive, automatic, and continuous endpoint data protection and real-time recovery, IT teams can support top growth priorities across the enterprise:

  • Time to market: Your work and your IP is always safe, especially from walking out the door.
  • Time to revenue: Sales is never disrupted, revenue creation never stops, and your client list stays in house.
  • Smart growth: Risk during mergers and acquisitions is minimal. You have complete control of the IP acquired.

Forrester did the math: Code42 delivers measurable business value

We’ve always been a “show me, don’t just tell me” kind of company. We like data, evidence, and proof. That’s why we commissioned Forrester to conduct an independent study on the quantifiable business value provided by Code42. The new Forrester Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study demonstrated that Code42 delivers significant ROI and net present value (NPV) by directly driving a number of growth factors: increasing end-user productivity, minimizing downtime and disruptions, streamlining IT and end-user workflows, and mitigating a range of risks that can impede growth initiatives.

Driving Innovation for CrashPlan for Small Business

When we announced our exclusive focus on businesses of all sizes, there were (understandably) a lot of questions about what this means for the future of CrashPlan for Small Business. For those of you who aren’t familiar, CrashPlan for Small Business is our unlimited, automated, and secure cloud backup product designed for emerging businesses with less than 200 employees (including freelancers, home-based businesses, and more).

I understand why those questions came up. We routinely see IT consultants advising this segment to use CrashPlan for Home, and businesses opting for it instead of CrashPlan for Small Business. As a whole, CrashPlan for Home has largely been seen as interchangeable for business and personal use. But CrashPlan for Home and CrashPlan for Small Business are two different products. Expectations of businesses and home users continue to diverge. Businesses, small and large, are worried about things like the cost of doing business, privacy of employee data, and management of data for regulatory compliance (for instance, HIPAA data). These features simply aren’t needed by home users. This is where Code42’s ability to focus exclusively on needs of businesses will benefit our CrashPlan for Small Business customers. That’s because these are the types of problems we’ve been working on for our larger business customers, and we’re now able to apply those investments toward CrashPlan for Small Business.

We’ve already made several dedicated investments in CrashPlan for Small Business that will be ready to debut in 2017 and 2018. For example, we are:

  • Exploring the ability to make it possible for customers to purchase Code42 products more easily without necessarily having to go through a month-long trial (which is required today).
  • Working to introduce a new streamlined user experience for the CrashPlan for Small Business client to simplify common tasks like getting files from your backup or replacing an existing device.

These are just a couple of examples of investments that will lead to even greater innovations in the coming months and years. For those of you now using or considering using CrashPlan for Small Business, let me share some details on what enhancements you can expect.

Device migration

The process for updating computers or replacing lost or stolen laptops can be quite a struggle for most of us. You may not be sure that you’ve got all the data. Plus, you might spend several hours getting all your files from your old computer to a new computer. It’s common to spend half a day, or sometimes a whole day, getting to your new computer set up just right will all your files.

Code42 has long offered a device adoption feature in the CrashPlan client to help users with this process. We received a lot of feedback from customers that the device adoption feature is hard to understand and use. So last year, we introduced a refreshed device replacement workflow as part of the CrashPlan client that we delivered to our larger enterprise customers, and made several improvements in that workflow since. Several of our customers like Getty Images, Jones Lang Lasalle, and Schneider Electric use this updated capability.

CrashPlan for Small Business Device Replacement

When we introduce the new user experience in CrashPlan for Small Business in the near future, you will be able to take advantage of this new, simplified device replacement feature as well. You will spend less time figuring out how to get your files from your old computer to your new one, and it will be easier for you to replace your old computer with the new one.

Security & compliance

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
Many small and emerging businesses have a need to manage their backup data in a HIPAA compliant manner. If you’re in the healthcare services sector or a law firm, then you know what I’m talking about. Such businesses need technology vendors with whom they can have a Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

Today, Code42 offers the ability to execute a BAA only to our larger enterprise customers – CrashPlan for Small Business customers don’t have this option. As a result, many small businesses opt to purchase our product aimed at larger enterprises. This introduces added complexity to their IT operations, and can add to cost of doing business. Over the last couple of years, Code42 has invested more in the compliance and security aspects of our core platform, and in our internal company processes to make it easier for our enterprise customers to manage their data in a HIPAA-compliant manner. In the near future, we’re planning to introduce the ability to sign a HIPPA BAA for CrashPlan for Small Business customers.

Code42 Security Center
A key feature we’ve rolled out in 2017 for Code42 Enterprise is Code42 Security Center. This feature helps companies figure out if a departing employee has taken sensitive company data with him by copying it to a thumb drive or a personal Dropbox or Google Drive folder. We are exploring the potential of making this application available for small businesses.

Increased globalization

Currently, the majority of CrashPlan for Small Business customers reside in the U.S. While we also have a strong and growing base globally, including in the U.K., Australia, New Zealand and more, those customers have to purchase CrashPlan for Small Business in US Dollars. The data Code42 manages for those customers also resides in Code42’s secure U.S. data centers. For our customers in other parts of the world, this can lead to poor experience with restore speeds, and with the purchase process. We have had many requests from our non-U.S. customers and prospects to be able to purchase CrashPlan for Small Business using local currency, and to have the data reside in their regions.

Based on this feedback, we will expanding our CrashPlan for Small Business features to allow transactions in non-U.S. currencies, and to allow data storage in Code42’s secure data centers around the globe. We will start first with Europe and the U.K., and then work to expand to other regions based on customer need and demand.

These are just a few of the exciting new capabilities we’re working on for CrashPlan for Small Businesses. As we work on all these improvements, we’re also very keen to get direct feedback from our CrashPlan for Small Business customers. To help with this, we have formed a new internal CrashPlan for Small Business Customer Council, which is designed to meet with customers, consider their feedback, and adjust our product development roadmap.

Looking ahead

I am truly excited about all the new capabilities we’re developing for our business customers. We’re working hard to deliver high-quality products that will delight you and will continue to “just work” for you! Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. Thank you also for considering Code42, and CrashPlan for Small Business for your business needs.

On the Fence About CrashPlan for Small Business?

In light of our news this week regarding the end date for CrashPlan for Home, we know some people are nervous about moving to CrashPlan for Small Business. We understand–there are concerns that we might not be committed to that market. But if you’re on the fence about CrashPlan for Small Business, here are a couple of things we want you to know.

First, we’ve been splitting our engineering time between consumer and business customers, so neither has been getting our full attention. That’s simply what happens when businesses have multiple divisions and they all grow at the same time. Moving forward, CrashPlan for Small Businesses will have the benefit of our entire product team – all aligned to focus on small business owners and the consultants who help small businesses with cloud backup.

Second, if you were a fan of Home, then you’ll be a fan of CrashPlan for Small Business. Almost all of the features are there (except peer-to-peer, sorry!), plus it’s a better experience that lets you back up like you’ve been backing up for years. Yes, the standard pricing is more expensive than Home (and only after your exclusive discounts expire, which is more than a year from now) – but it includes unlimited file storage and compares favorably against other platforms from a feature/price point set. Plus, CrashPlan for Small Business has a dedicated support team with newly expanded hours (7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT Monday through Friday).

Finally, we’ve made switching from CrashPlan for Home to CrashPlan for Small Business easier than ever before. The migration tool helps you migrate your archives in a matter of minutes. There are no contracts to lock you in, you can cancel at any time and we will bill you once a month for only the devices you use.

We’ve had a really positive response from the customers who’ve already successfully migrated. We’d love to have the opportunity for you to experience that as well. As always, hit up Support with questions.

Learn more about CrashPlan for Small Business and see what our customers have said about us.

Code42 and Zapproved: The Ultimate Legal Hold Team

Code42, the leader in cloud-based endpoint data protection and recovery, announced yesterday our new partnership with Zapproved, the market leader in cloud-based eDiscovery software for corporate legal departments. The partnership is a natural one, as Code42 backs up the same data that needs to be preserved for litigation and eDiscovery purposes. The integration of these products provides businesses the ability to apply “in-place” preservation holds on custodian computer data directly from Legal Hold Pro with a single click. For further detail on this partnership, we spoke with Brad Harris, Zapproved’s vice president of corporate strategy, on how CloudPreserve for Code42 and Legal Hold Pro provides benefits for customers of both partners.

Brad Harris, Zapproved’s vice president of corporate strategy

Why is Code42 an ideal partner for Zapproved?

Brad Harris: As a cloud-based SaaS provider, Zapproved’s core business focus is to provide in-house corporate legal teams the best possible tools for responding to their eDiscovery obligations, from legal hold notifications to data collection and review. Our customers understandably require a high level of quality from our product features, notably including the need for top flight data security. With assaults by hackers on corporate data banks on the rise, enterprise businesses are looking to protect themselves not just from the breaches themselves, but from the legal ramifications that can result from the stolen data. It’s not enough to just protect data – it has to be stored in a legally defensible manner.

In surveying the market options, we saw that Code42 offered best-in-class endpoint data protection that would enhance the security we can offer our customers. Beyond the product attributes, we also saw a fellow pioneering company, one whose values and business philosophy melded well with ours. Each company prioritizes the highest possible customer satisfaction, providing a solutions partner in the long term, not just a sales opportunity. Finding an effective partner is more than just fitting a market need – it’s about building a relationship that’s conducive to growing both organizations and products, and we’ve found that in Code42.

From your perspective, how does this integration offer value to each other’s customers?

BH: There’s a natural fit between our two products. From a business and legal standpoint, it’s not just convenient, but business critical for companies to ensure their information is safely protected and organized in a searchable, legally defensible manner.

For Code42 customers, this integration enables applying “in-place” preservation holds on a custodian’s archived data simply by adding a custodian to a legal hold. When a custodian is added to a hold, Legal Hold Pro applies a retention policy that prevents routine overwriting of backup data. This automatic hold improves both the efficiency and defensibility of the process to avoid spoliation and sanctions. When needed for discovery, an archive can be easily restored and ingested into Zapproved’s eDiscovery platform for review and production. Zapproved customers are now better able to manage data for strategic initiatives across the company, with increased endpoint data protection and better visibility.

What are the core issues driving eDiscovery/Legal hold for enterprises today?

BH: Many organizations are facing overwhelming costs and burdens associated with responding to eDiscovery demands. The exploding amount of data, and the myriad of data storage locations and devices, are requiring companies to look for new and innovative ways to reduce costs and mitigate risks. Furthermore, the need to be ever vigilant when it comes to protecting the organization against cybersecurity threats is paramount. These drivers make endpoint data protection an absolute requirement. Leveraging this investment for eDiscovery response is the natural complement. Our partnership enables true “preserve-in-place” for unstructured content, collecting only what is needed for discovery, and leveraging the archive as the source rather than having to collect separately.

How does Code42’s product enhance Zapproved’s legal hold product?

BH: Zapproved and Code42 handle different sides of the same issue – how to safely and effectively handle information. While Zapproved is focused primarily on the legal side, Code42’s expertise is on the security side. Legal Hold Pro was able to set the market standard for legal hold software and now, with CloudPreserve for Code42 and Legal Hold Pro, we can offer a stronger, more secure product that allows corporate legal departments to conduct legally defensible collections and preservations without IT support. We’re looking forward to a fruitful partnership.

Learn more about the Code42 and Zapproved partnership and how to turn the power of endpoint data into a complete eDiscovery solution.