Code42 and Zapproved: The Ultimate Legal Hold Team

Code42, the leader in cloud-based endpoint data protection and recovery, announced yesterday our new partnership with Zapproved, the market leader in cloud-based eDiscovery software for corporate legal departments. The partnership is a natural one, as Code42 backs up the same data that needs to be preserved for litigation and eDiscovery purposes. The integration of these products provides businesses the ability to apply “in-place” preservation holds on custodian computer data directly from Legal Hold Pro with a single click. For further detail on this partnership, we spoke with Brad Harris, Zapproved’s vice president of corporate strategy, on how CloudPreserve for Code42 and Legal Hold Pro provides benefits for customers of both partners.

Brad Harris, Zapproved’s vice president of corporate strategy

Why is Code42 an ideal partner for Zapproved?

Brad Harris: As a cloud-based SaaS provider, Zapproved’s core business focus is to provide in-house corporate legal teams the best possible tools for responding to their eDiscovery obligations, from legal hold notifications to data collection and review. Our customers understandably require a high level of quality from our product features, notably including the need for top flight data security. With assaults by hackers on corporate data banks on the rise, enterprise businesses are looking to protect themselves not just from the breaches themselves, but from the legal ramifications that can result from the stolen data. It’s not enough to just protect data – it has to be stored in a legally defensible manner.

In surveying the market options, we saw that Code42 offered best-in-class endpoint data protection that would enhance the security we can offer our customers. Beyond the product attributes, we also saw a fellow pioneering company, one whose values and business philosophy melded well with ours. Each company prioritizes the highest possible customer satisfaction, providing a solutions partner in the long term, not just a sales opportunity. Finding an effective partner is more than just fitting a market need – it’s about building a relationship that’s conducive to growing both organizations and products, and we’ve found that in Code42.

From your perspective, how does this integration offer value to each other’s customers?

BH: There’s a natural fit between our two products. From a business and legal standpoint, it’s not just convenient, but business critical for companies to ensure their information is safely protected and organized in a searchable, legally defensible manner.

For Code42 customers, this integration enables applying “in-place” preservation holds on a custodian’s archived data simply by adding a custodian to a legal hold. When a custodian is added to a hold, Legal Hold Pro applies a retention policy that prevents routine overwriting of backup data. This automatic hold improves both the efficiency and defensibility of the process to avoid spoliation and sanctions. When needed for discovery, an archive can be easily restored and ingested into Zapproved’s eDiscovery platform for review and production. Zapproved customers are now better able to manage data for strategic initiatives across the company, with increased endpoint data protection and better visibility.

What are the core issues driving eDiscovery/Legal hold for enterprises today?

BH: Many organizations are facing overwhelming costs and burdens associated with responding to eDiscovery demands. The exploding amount of data, and the myriad of data storage locations and devices, are requiring companies to look for new and innovative ways to reduce costs and mitigate risks. Furthermore, the need to be ever vigilant when it comes to protecting the organization against cybersecurity threats is paramount. These drivers make endpoint data protection an absolute requirement. Leveraging this investment for eDiscovery response is the natural complement. Our partnership enables true “preserve-in-place” for unstructured content, collecting only what is needed for discovery, and leveraging the archive as the source rather than having to collect separately.

How does Code42’s product enhance Zapproved’s legal hold product?

BH: Zapproved and Code42 handle different sides of the same issue – how to safely and effectively handle information. While Zapproved is focused primarily on the legal side, Code42’s expertise is on the security side. Legal Hold Pro was able to set the market standard for legal hold software and now, with CloudPreserve for Code42 and Legal Hold Pro, we can offer a stronger, more secure product that allows corporate legal departments to conduct legally defensible collections and preservations without IT support. We’re looking forward to a fruitful partnership.

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