Customers Say It Best: Code42 Is Easy to Administer and Manage

In a recent meeting with a Code42 customer, an IT administrator responsible for implementing our software walked into the room, gave a member of our team a big hug, and said that Code42 was the single best rollout he’s ever completed in the company’s history. IT people aren’t known for being touchy-feely, yet this administrator was clearly thrilled. Why? Because the installation and configuration are easy, allowing just one administrator to roll out Code42 software to tens of thousands of users.

Today, Code42 enjoys industry-wide popularity, and the use of our software only continues to grow. Seven of the top 10 academic institutions protect their data using Code42, as do many of the top tech firms around the world. What’s more, we have the high renewal rates befitting of a market leader. One reason for this is that Code42 is extremely easy to administer and manage.

The growing complexity of endpoint administration 

For today’s IT admins, managing endpoint devices poses a huge challenge. IT staff are constantly battling issues such as hacking attempts and the misuse of company assets—and these challenges are only accelerating. Indeed, the number of security incidents across all industries rose by 38 percent in 2015, while intellectual property theft shot up by more than 100 percent across several sectors, according to the PwC’s global state of information security report.

Add to that the fact that the IT landscape is rapidly becoming more complex. The number of mergers and acquisitions is continuing to climb. The average millennial moves to a new job at least every three years. And the use of multiple operating systems is rapidly growing, with nearly three-quarters of today’s organizations embracing bring-your-own-device policies.

To manage all of this, organizations install numerous different pieces of software—including anti-virus, data loss prevention, identity access management, and encryption solutions, to name just a few. On top of that, they need yet another piece of software, one that serves as the bridge to rule them all. In a nutshell, managing endpoint security can be extremely laborious, often requiring a small army of people.

Code42 = simplified endpoint management

What exactly makes Code42 easy to administer and manage? Consider the following:

  • One admin for tens of thousands of users. Tight integration with Active Directory means that settings such as usernames, passwords, permissions, and security settings are automatically set up when an organization implements Code42. When employees move between departments within the company, the applicable settings for that department are automatically applied. In addition, companies can carefully select ad hoc point-solutions that appear to duplicate things Code42 does so much better. Reducing the clutter of desktop agents decreases costs and management complexity while boosting desktop performance.
  • A single dashboard from which to administer users across the company. Code42 gives IT admins full visibility into all protected devices and data in a single administrative console, enabling them to balance data security and control with end-user productivity. Whether the company has 100 or 100,000 end users, admins obtain 360-degree visibility into user activity, allowing them to track the file backup, storage, and sharing patterns of every individual across the company. Thanks to the recent Code42 5.4 platform release, IT admins can now more easily monitor bandwidth across locations while using new controls to manage compliance settings.
  • The same experience for users of Windows, Mac, and Linux. Code42 provides the same user interface, with the same consistent and logical set of tools, regardless of which operating system platform IT administrators use. It all works the same whether IT staff are on Windows, Macintosh, or Linux, meaning the learning curve is zero as IT administrators move between platforms.
  • The quick ability to get the information IT admins need. The administration console makes it easy for IT administrators to obtain quick answers to their questions. For example, are there end-user devices or whole departments that are out of compliance? How long has it been since devices have been backed up? How frequently are users backing up? How often are they restoring? How many Code42 licenses have been used? Which devices are inactive but still require their content to be stored? How much room are backups taking in the cloud? Administrators can find answers to these and many other important questions through slick reporting tools that help them understand user behavior across the organization. Also, after deployment and a period of usage, Code42 will perform system health checks to help customers learn best practices and better understand trends so they can make changes that optimize performance.

Our next version, Code42’s ninth consecutive on-time release, will be available in early 2017 and is full of innovations and improvements that make endpoint management even easier for administrators. Stay tuned for the exciting announcements to come! For more information, please contact us.