Code42 for Data Migration

Tech refreshes are a double-edged sword. Who doesn’t love to get a new computer? The additional power, the new features, the improvements over the old model—what’s not to love? How about the lost productivity, drain on IT resources, and missing files that often accompany tech refreshes? As technology evolves faster than ever, tech refresh and data migration projects grow more common and more complex. In today’s enterprise, IT is constantly moving users from old machines and outdated operating systems to new devices, software and applications. Without the right tool, these projects can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Data falls through the cracks, and different operating systems may require different data migration methods. In short, data migration projects are often loaded with hassles and headaches.

But with the right tool, data migration projects can be easy. The excitement of a brand new computer can win out over the hassles, so your users can say goodbye to their sticky old keyboards without hours (or days!) of lost productivity.

The SlideShare below collects some key quotes and statistics from TechValidate on how Code42 has simplified data migration projects for our customers.

For a deeper dive on how to simplify your next data migration project, be sure to check out the white paper “Solving the Data Migration Challenge with Endpoint Backup.”

Solving the Data Migration Challenge with Endpoint Backup

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