Code42 Hosts Women in Technology Event

On November 30, Code42 hosted an event in our office in conjunction with the Minnesota Women in Tech and Tech Ladies groups. We had asked the Minnesota Women in Tech members to nominate Pioneering Women in Technology here in the Twin Cities. The nominations were beyond inspiring to read and the selected winners are each a force to be reckoned with.

Among the selected was Sue Butzer from 3M. Sue is an original “3M wizard.” With multiple patents under her belt, including one for Scotch-Brite scrub sponges, she has been an innovative pioneer in STEM and inspires young women to feel good about their ideas, even when they don’t work out the way that they’ve planned.

Another award recipient was Mary Fox, who is currently the director of physics for Minneapolis Radiation Oncology. Mary has been an inspiration to women in the field of medical physics. In a very male-dominated field, she has taken the lead as director of a large group of physicists, and serves at many service organizations as a mentor to single mothers throughout the Twin Cities.

Also recognized was Brianna McCullough, who is currently an integration architect at 3M. Brianna is pioneer of technology that makes the world a better place. Whether doing cancer research or working in the medical device field at 3M, her spirit is contagious and she inspires all who meet her.

Finally, the event also highlighted Paige Dansigner, the founding director and chief curator of creative tech at the Better World Museum. Paige is a true pioneer at the intersection of art and technology. Through her work at the Better World Museum and numerous side projects, which all have the greater good at their core, she pours her heart and devotion into helping people use technology to feel more connected, more engaged and more human, every day.

Unfortunately, Mary and Sue were unable to join us for the event, but Brianna and Paige graced us with a panel discussion with Code42’s very own Michelle Trombetta.

Code42 Women in Tech Event Panel

The panel discussion covered many of the issues women face in the workplace, such as roadblocks and struggles, how women continue to break down barriers, and how they can trust in themselves and their skills. This event really recognized what women bring to the table and the continued need to be a support system for one another.

This was the first event of this size and nature at our space and certainly won’t be the last. As we look forward to 2018, Code42’s commitment to diversity and inclusion will focus on how we can incorporate the things we have learned from those pioneering women into our environment, and how we can partner with those in our community. The event truly highlighted the different ideas we have for progress and the enthusiasm for those ideas is just bursting at the seams.

Code42 women in tech event