Not Taken: Code42 Is your “Special Set of Tools” to Fight Ransomware

This is the first in a series of blog posts that will examine different aspects of Code42 CrashPlan from a product development perspective. Stay tuned for more in coming months.

When it comes to fighting ransomware, Code42 CrashPlan reminds me of Bryan Mills in the movie, Taken. Mills is a highly-skilled former CIA operative who uses his special talents to rescue his daughter, who’s been taken hostage by human traffickers. In the same way, Code42 CrashPlan rescues your data from cyber criminals. And it does this using a specialized set of tools—ensuring your business is never taken.

As we all know, ransomware is one of the fastest growing cyber threats. Worldwide, 40 percent of businesses have already experienced ransomware. Ransomware attacks have been increasing by a whopping 158 percent every month, with more than 4,000 large-scale attacks happening every day.

The lost productivity caused by ransomware can have a devastating effect. Think of a company with 10,000 employees. If all of them lost a half day due to ransomware, that translates to 5,000 days of lost productivity. And that’s just the raw hours. These lost hours actually have a ripple effect once you factor in the time required to recover from missed deadlines and damaged customer relationships. Indeed, ransomware now costs small and medium businesses at least $75 billion in expenses and lost productivity per year.

As I meet with prospective customers, I am struck by the myriad ways many are trying to protect themselves. Some businesses purchase cheap external USB drives, and then ask their employees to back up their files once a week. Others write complex scripts that funnel endpoint files onto overtaxed file servers within expensive-to-maintain private data centers. In the worst case scenarios, companies have nothing in place at all.

A special set of tools

None of these makeshift solutions are necessary with Code42 CrashPlan, which has been built from the ground up to protect users from data incidents such as ransomware. CrashPlan essentially gives businesses a time machine so they can get back to a time before the ransomware virus hit when all of their data was intact. And it accomplishes this quickly and painlessly, allowing IT administrators to preserve productivity without turning their employees into ransomware recovery experts. Consider the following attributes:

  • Recovery is quick. With Code42 CrashPlan in place, businesses can restore infected devices in minimal time, with minimal IT effort.
  • Backups are reliable. Code42 CrashPlan automatically and continuously backs up all endpoint data so that restores are clean and nearly all data is backed up without user intervention.
  • The process is easy to administer. One administrator can keep all users ready to recover in the event of ransomware through a single administrative console that monitors and aggregates statistics from all devices worldwide.
  • Employees can do it themselves. Users can easily find and restore protected files by date, time or incremental version without IT support, even when away from the office.
  • The recovery can be performed at scale. Code42 CrashPlan performs efficiently and effectively, whether a company has 10,000 or 100,000+ user deployments.

Foolproof protection

With ransomware on the rise, there’s only one way to avoid getting taken. And that’s Code42. To learn more, download “The Business of Ransomware: What Every CXO Should Know.”

Fight ransomware with Code42.

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