Code42 Tackles the “People” Problem with Security Center

The people in your organization are a problem. Sounds controversial, doesn’t it? Any time you mention the word “problem” preceded or followed by “people,” you’re asking for backlash of some kind. Yet in today’s modern enterprise, the “people” problem presents more challenges than you’d think. Also known as insider threat, this issue currently costs the average company $4.3 million a year. Unfortunately, this is a growing trend that promises to only get worse.

After all, people with credentials who work within your walls tend to have a good understanding of what data is available, what it’s worth and how it’s protected. This makes it difficult for enterprises to defend against a variety of scenarios, such as a terminated employee transporting valuable data out the door or disgruntled employees looking to turn a profit—or just inflict damage—by sending data to competitors.

Not surprisingly, many of Code42’s customers told us statements such as:

  • “I don’t know which departing employee might be taking sensitive data.”
  • “I don’t know which critical employees might be leaking sensitive data.”
  • “I can’t track how data moves through my organization.”

Enter Security Center, a powerful web app announced today at our Evolution17 customer conference. Security Center provides enterprises with proactive alerts to detect and mitigate insider threat incidents. Leveraging Code42’s multiple-purpose single agent, this app tracks user behavioral patterns based on profile settings, letting you track when data movements exceed established thresholds. Specifically, this allows you to focus on data exfiltration to removable media and cloud storage folders. With Security Center, IT is immediately notified when user behaviors that may include suspicious file transfers occur so follow up action can be taken. And with the included Access Lock feature, IT admins can go a step further and lock a user out of a device if there is a perceived threat. By locking down a device rather than remotely wiping it, users’ access to their files can be immediately restored if the activity that caused the alert turns out to be legitimate.

Security Center is the start to a very important Code42 journey. It signals the beginning of tackling the very important “people” problem that continues to plague today’s mobile driven enterprise. Over time, significant investments into file forensics and user behavior analytics (UBA) leveraging machine learning will allow customers to access even more advanced information about who ever had access to confidential data, and to further predict who is most likely to exfiltrate and leak data. The future is truly exciting!