Code42 Thanks Our Customer Champions

This week at Code42 is Customer Experience Appreciation Week, during which we recognize the achievements of our customer champions, who assist Code42 customers with any issues, troubles, confusion, or anything else that might affect their experience. We’re celebrating the great work they do with a full week of fun activities for the team, including team meals, gifts, an awards ceremony (for which the winners were nominated by their peers), and more.

We also wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the feedback Code42 customers have given us about our customer champions. We’re convinced that our team is the best in the business, and it seems that our customers agree!

“Jason O remoted in and was able to see the problem and fix it quickly. Also, on our online chat, he closed the session and said he would call me the following morning at 9 AM. Surprise! He called me promptly at the promised time. As I was waiting for his call, his follow through was much appreciated.”

“Excellent, proactive, customer centric service. Full marks!”

“Very personable; intelligent individual who answered all my questions and solved the issue I was having quickly and efficiently.”

Code42 Customer Experience Appreciation Week

“The response was very thorough, and answered questions that I didn’t even think to ask. Good customer service seems to be a lost art these days. Thank you for having prompt, friendly and helpful customer service representatives.”

Finally, because Halloween falls during our Customer Experience Appreciation Week, we asked our customer champions to share some of their spookiest, most spine-tingling stories from real customers (although the names have been changed to protect their privacy). Customer champion Alysha L. shared this story of the mystery of the disappearing Admin Console:

At 4:45 pm Friday the support line starts to ring. It is Steve. He had just upgraded his Master Server and then removed a Store point, and now his Admin Console won’t load…

We open a viewing portal to look into the spoooooky case of the Admin Console not loading. After looking all the files and folders, it turned out that James had permanently deleted the drive that the master server and database were installed on in Amazon Web Services.

“Non-recoverable,” Steve cried. “I checked the drive it said zero percent in use!”

But luckily this Customer Support Vampire knew what to do! I looked and looked for their database dumps and found the folder intact. They were from just before the upgrade. We were able to install the previous master server version and import the database, then process the upgrade again. After all the spooky fear and worry, the master server was back up and running in less than an hour and the Admin was able to make it to their planned project on time!