Now is the Time for CSOs to Assess Crypto-Attack Readiness

We are witnessing a new wave of crypto-cyberattack. WannaCry has moved on, and Petya (also dubbed “NotPetya” and “GoldenEye”) is now in town. This new crypto-attack is creating havoc among enterprises throughout Europe and it is quickly making its way to Asia and into the U.S. So far, Petya has triggered floods of threats and ransom demands. It may not even be true ransomware – it may actually be a “wiper” attack or even an act of cyber warfare.

Given the heightened concern of how these crypto-attacks are upsetting the enterprise, it is appropriate to state that the risk associated with this threat category has increased. CSOs, CIOs, security team, and risk management decision-makers should prioritize this risk differently now than they have done in the past.

I am inclined to believe CSOs across enterprises are assessing their preparedness in handling this type of risk in both proactive and reactive mode. This is a moment in which leaders should be devoted to evaluating and assessing their current security posture, regardless of whether they have been affected by this malware.

CSOs evaluate their risk to the organization as a combination of probability and impact. Now is the perfect moment for CSOs to ensure they have appropriate coverage in all of their critical endpoints. When their assessment reveals their current state of inappropriate endpoint coverage, it is time to consider the probability their enterprise could be affected by such an attack, as well as the potential impact if and when such an attack strikes.

At Code42, we are available as subject matter experts to help assist customers with security preparedness. We are available to lend our expertise, as well as to help determine the percentage of endpoints in their organizations that may be at risk. Now more than ever, security should be top of mind for everyone in the C-suite. At Code42, ensuring that enterprises have appropriate coverage of their critical endpoints is what we live for. Reach out to us today if you have questions on how we can assist with your security preparedness.