Simplified Device Migration with Code42

Code42’s endpoint data security solution provides your business with a variety of benefits, including increased productivity, risk mitigation, streamlined user workflows and more – all in a single product that’s been proven to ultimately save you money. One way Code42 helps you cut costs is with our device migration feature – moving employees to upgraded devices has never been faster or easier.

With Code42, employee data is automatically backed up every 15 minutes by default. When it’s time to move an employee to a new computer, their data can be transferred to a new machine seamlessly – even before the employee has turned in the old machine. With Code42, gone are the days when device migration projects meant hours of lost productivity (and, in turn, lost revenue). According to Code42 customer Schneider Electric Sweden, Code42 cuts their tech refresh process from 24 hours down to three or four, saving roughly 7,000 hours in employee downtime per year. Think about how much money 7,000 wasted hours would cost your organization.

To learn more about how device migration with Code42 saves time and money, watch our latest feature video below.