Device Replacement Wizard Brings Self Service to Data Migration

Tech refresh and device replacement just got even easier for IT. In fact, with the release of the Code42 CrashPlan 5.1 device replacement wizard, IT administrators can bow out of the device replacement process altogether. The device replacement wizard makes it simple for end users to transfer their own files when replacing an old device or drive, recovering data after an operating system reinstall or adding a new device to backup with CrashPlan.

Here’s how it works.

The first time a user signs into the CrashPlan app on a new device, CrashPlan detects all devices associated with the user’s account. The user will be prompted to add a new device or replace an existing device.

Add New Device starts the backup process and should only be used if the user plans to use both devices.

Replace Existing starts the device wizard. It is appropriate if the user plans to use the new device exclusively once the migration is complete. Pictured below.

Code42 device replacement wizard figure 1.

The user selects Replace Existing to launch the device replacement wizard and is prompted to select the device being replaced. 

Code42 device replacement wizard figure 2.

Code42 CrashPlan may require more information if the user is migrating between different operating systems or hasn’t selected a cloud destination. Get more information about these scenarios.

Next, the user Selects Files to Transfer, opens the file browser, navigates to the desired folder* on the original device, then selects Get Files.

User selects file destination in Save Selected Files To. From the file browser on the original device, the user selects a destination folder on the new device and clicks Go. 

Code42 device replacement wizard figure 3.

Files are added to the downloads manager.

*User will repeat the above steps for each additional folder, clicking Continue when every folder has been queued for transfer. 

Code42 device replacement wizard figure 4.

Once the user’s files have been transferred, the wizard will transfer and update Code42 CrashPlan settings. The user will be prompted to sign out of the Code42 CrashPlan app.

Code42 device replacement wizard figure 5.

To complete the device replacement process, the user must then sign back into CrashPlan where a success message indicates that the device is ready. The user clicks Finish and is redirected to the home screen. The device will resume backing up on its regular schedule.

Device replacement wizard pro tips:

  • The backup process starts once the user completes all of the steps in the wizard. In the meantime, the device is not backing up.
  • It’s unnecessary to complete the wizard workflow in one sitting. CrashPlan remembers where the user left off and returns the user to that step.
  • However, changes made to device preferences while working in the wizard will be replaced with previous device preferences.
  • Any files the user chooses to transfer will continue to transfer when the CrashPlan app is closed.

For more detailed information about replacing a device, deselecting folders from a previous device, removing old devices and troubleshooting, visit Code42 CrashPlan 5.1 Documentation.

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