Evolution16: Top 10 highlights

After months of planning and anticipation, it’s hard to believe that Evolution16–our inaugural customer conference–is over. We count ourselves lucky to have spent three action-packed days in Las Vegas with our customers, who came from around the globe to network, learn and celebrate with each other. In case you missed it, here’s a recap of the top 10 highlights from Evolution16, straight from The Cosmopolitan on the legendary Vegas strip.

10. The Science Guy  

Our keynote speaker was American actor and science educator Bill Nye. Bill Nye the Science Guy is a man with a mission: to help people everywhere understand and appreciate how together we can change the world through the wonders of science. Nye’s hope is to inspire people to slow the impact of climate change, and his stories were both hilarious and inspirational.

9. Code42 Customer Council

Ten Code42 customers from a wide range of industries gave our product development team a full day of their time, sharing their insights and feedback. We’re grateful for their time and even more grateful for what we learned in the process.


8. Social Media

Speaking of learning, we discovered that our customers are a pretty social bunch! The shout-outs and conference mobile app generated a ton of chatter and led to a friendly leaderboard battle.

7. Networking

There’s nothing like a Vegas party and we had two of them! The evening events at The Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Pool and Brooklyn Bowl were a knock-out. Who knew you could get so sore bowling your heart out?


Mold at Evolution16

It’s just not Vegas without a show. The high energy of local dance troupe MOLODI kicked off an awesome week. Even CEO Joe Payne got into the groove.

5. Onsite Company Store

Always a customer favorite. We gave away Code42 cash, and customers bought out the store. Code42 growlers, hoodies, coffee mugs and drones were flying off the shelves – literally.

4. Giving Back

Through the generosity of our customers, we collected thousands of dollars for the American Red Cross, the World Wildlife Fund and One Laptop per Child. Thank you!

3. Education

Eighty customers completed the Code42 accelerated administrative course in a single day, making up the largest single education group we have ever had. Congratulations to the graduates.

2. Customer-led Sessions

Experience is the best teacher of all, and we had 15 of our customers share their best practices with the rest of us.

1. The Evolutionaries Awards

Code42 Joe Payne toasting the Evolutionaries

We toasted to the achievements of 30 organizations, all finalists for the Evolutionaries awards, which recognize excellence and innovation in how they deployed, adopted and championed endpoint data protection that solve data security, migration and recovery challenges around the world. Salut
Thank you to everyone who joined us in Las Vegas this year. We hope to see you all next year!