Evolution17 Opens at Full Speed

Evolution17 is off and running at full speed. The fantastic weather here in San Francisco greeted more than 350 attendees—an incredible mix of minds that includes IT and InfoSecurity professionals, Code42 customers, industry analysts and Code42 subject matter experts. Code42 President and CEO Joe Payne joined several other Code42 executives on the main stage for a high-energy kickoff and overview of where we’re headed over the next two days. The central theme: change. From the accelerating cloud shift to new threat vectors emerging both inside and outside organizations, so much has changed in just the few months since Evolution16. “Evolution17 is all about adapting to survive the rapidly changing world of technology,” said Payne.

Facing the uncomfortable reality of increasing insider threat

Payne ticked off some unsettling figures on the continually growing threat of insider data theft. Half of all data now lives on employee endpoints. Intellectual property (IP) can make up 80 percent of a company’s value. Sixty percent of employees take data when they leave, including sensitive intellectual property (IP).

He brought those statistics to life with a few high-profile IP cases, including Google’s lawsuit against self-driving car technology company Otto and Dupont’s loss of more than 70,000 highly sensitive documents regarding proprietary plastics. The point: Some of the best companies in the world are helplessly watching their most valuable IP leak out of their organizations. You need to focus on mitigating this risk.

Moving toward intelligent insider threat detection and prediction

With the growing insider threat looming over us all, Code42 Chief Technology Officer John Durant treated attendees to a sneak peek at some of the smart new features that are helping security teams fight this internal risk. “People want to be free to do their job,” Durant explained. Instead of implementing one-size-fits-all security barriers that impede productivity and create a “trust no one” environment, Code42 is working on new security tools that can give users freedom while helping security teams focus their efforts where they matter most.

Durant talked about the intelligent risk identification and machine learning tools that the Code42 team is feverishly working on to help security teams leverage what he calls “small data” to “move upstream, predicting where your risks are.” He gave a quick demo of an intuitive interface that clearly signals different risks to security professionals, even providing a user-specific risk score based on behaviors. “We’re helping make security a more personalized thing,” said Durant.

Perhaps most exciting, these machine learning tools only get smarter and more effective over time. “This is where our long-term vision is going; this is where the product is going,” he concluded.

New partnerships amp up Code42’s cloud capabilities

Code42’s development of a rich and comprehensive cloud platform got a major boost with the announcement of several new features and partnerships with best-in-class cloud technology providers. “Cloud is something that is critically important for Code42,” said Payne, before handing the mic over to VP of Product Management, Vijay Ramanathan for the latest, including:

  • Code42 as a Service and Version 6.0 highlights: Code42 as a Service will be adding elastic scalability to its AWS-hosted authority servers. Version 6.0 adds new identity management integrations (SAML2, SCIM), a better restore experience and greater resilience and scalability.
  • Okta identity management: Ramanathan announced a new partnership with Okta, the leader in cloud identity management. This partnership gives all Code42 customers access to a seamless solution with best-in-class features like single-sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA) and mobility management. It also means that organizations currently using Okta’s identity management solution can easily deploy Code42’s complete endpoint backup solution.
  • Zapproved e-discovery: With more and more customers using Code42’s powerful legal hold capabilities, Ramanathan announced a new partnership with Zapproved, a leading e-discovery platform. This synergy will give Code42 users access to a whole new level of complete legal hold and e-discovery tools, including greatly expanded functionalities for scalable legal hold and legal hold in highly distributed environments.

Helping YOU grow through new education

Evolution17 is all about you, Code42 users, learning and growing. So it’s a fitting place to announce a number of new customer education programs to help you get even better at what you do. Code42 SVP of Customer Success Karen Pisha shared the latest from Code42 University, including more than 200 new online learning modules featuring targeted content that’s quick-hitting, informative and more than a little bit entertaining. Pisha also announced the new Code42 Customer Community, which was born out of feedback from Evolution16. We heard that you valued the opportunity to connect with your peers and learn from collective experiences. So we created the Customer Community to bring Code42 users together to discuss challenges, share ideas and build on real-world experiences. The Community is already live—and already lively.

What Code42 is all about

Joe Payne brought the keynote to a close by talking about Code42’s guiding sense of purpose. He explained that the Code42 leadership team recently visited the Disney Leadership Institute. Inspired by Disney, a company whose clear purpose, “To create happiness,” is clearly and powerfully reflected in everything it does, we’ve honed our focus on our own singular purpose: To deliver peace of mind. In everything we do, and in every new feature we roll out, our purpose is to make our users’ jobs easier, their lives simpler, their companies and end-users safer and more secure—and ultimately to deliver peace of mind.

Stay tuned for highlights from day one

We’re not wasting any time here at Evolution17. We’ve packed tons of learning into Day One, with four breakout sessions, a sponsorship expo, hands-on lab, and our TechXpert area, where customers are bringing their toughest questions and biggest challenges to Code42 subject matter experts. We’ll be announcing the 2017 Evolutionaries award winners later this afternoon. Stay tuned for more highlights and news from Evolution17. We’re just getting started!