Code42 Announces Expansion Plans for the Education Market

In every sector, changes in the data security landscape have forced IT teams to rethink their approach to protecting valuable and sensitive data. But few sectors face as many unique challenges as higher education. With highly distributed users bases and IT infrastructure that can vary by department, the decentralized landscape of higher ed can often lead to blind spots and security gaps. The sheer value of a university’s intellectual property (IP)—proprietary research and ideas—significantly increases the cost and expands the impact of data loss. In the face of these challenges, Code42 offers these institutions a proven solution to endpoint data protection and recovery.

Today, Code42 announced plans to expand its presence in the education market. We are deepening our commitment to higher ed and other academic markets by building out a dedicated vertical business unit that will include marketing and sales functions. Currently, Code42 serves more than 700 higher education institutions and K-12 schools across North America, as well as seven out of the eight Ivy League universities.

Faced with a growing number of cyberattacks, education institutions today have an acute need when it comes to protecting volumes of sensitive faculty, staff and research data. We are committed to helping these organizations successfully recover proprietary information after data incidents, such as ransomware attacks, hardware failures, and laptop loss and theft.

Code42’s data security and recovery solution is designed to help schools take a proactive approach to data protection. The solution automatically and continuously backs up data on laptops and desktops so staff and IT administrators can respond to and recover from cyber threats more quickly. Education institutions can use Code42’s data security solution to:

  • Recover data residing on endpoints within minutes of a ransomware or malware attack, or when a file is deleted or a computer is stolen or crashes;
  • Gather documents and records housed on multitudes of institutional endpoints in order to expedite responses to Freedom of Information Act requests;
  • Ensure that research data, which is generated as part of an educational grant and stored on desktops or laptops, complies with stringent security requirements and government regulations; and
  • Keep staff and faculty productive during hardware migrations and system upgrades by easily transferring profile settings and giving them full use of their new devices as data restores.

“We selected Code42’s solution because we love how easy it is to use,” said Jason Conklin, IT service desk coordinator at the University of Georgia. “Because of its secure, continuous back up to the cloud, my staff can go about their jobs knowing all of their information is protected. This approach to data security provides us a necessary and important safety net, which is required in our environment.”