Giving a digital damn

Teaching employees how and why to protect against data loss, theft or breach is not a one-and-done event. One barrier is the degree to which your “students” care about security. Concern about privacy varies by demography—for example, millennials care very little and boomers less than that.

Some employees may optimistically embrace the idea that privacy is outdated. Long live the Internet as a force for good, a place where information and services are freely available, where citizens can speak and be heard.

Conversely, others adopt the fatalistic notion that—between government surveillance, unregulated personal remote aircraft and 24/7 connection at high speed—there is simply no such thing as “privacy.” They believe all of our digital artifacts and habits are “fair game” to data miners, and the growing “Internet of things” will eventually reveal every pixelated detail of our private lives.

Convincing these folks to pay more attention to data privacy and security—especially when the data is work related—may be the $64,000 question in 2015. But where to begin?

Here are a few kick starters: 4 tips to make data protection everyone’s businessTotal data protection is a total company effort: the importance of employee accountabilityWorkplace prep for total data protection: conversation starters for ITHow to create an effective data security communication plan

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