Kick Off Backup Awareness Month by Going Beyond Backup

BAM! That’s the sound of Code42 starting Backup Awareness Month (BAM). We’re posing tough questions to all our readers to help you ensure your data collection and protection strategy is truly up to snuff:

Do you have endpoint backup—and do you know it works? Our CTRL-Z study found that half of all corporate data now lives on endpoint devices, and that 42 percent of IT and business decision makers say losing all their endpoint data would be business-destroying. But even though more value than ever lives on endpoint devices, one in five organizations still lack an endpoint backup solution. Another 20 percent say they have endpoint backup, but they haven’t tested it. That could be why only a third of our study respondents said they have faith in their organization’s ability to get back up and running quickly after a data loss incident.

Can you spot risks—from inside and out—quickly? Hacks make headlines every day. But the more insidious attacks come from inside the organization. The increasing threat posed by insiders can’t be solved with traditional perimeter-based security, leaving security teams scrambling to figure out how to mitigate this growing risk.

Later this month, we’ll dive into the details of what it takes to build a robust insider threat program to help you spot risky employee behavior sooner, before it sinks your business.

Can you move forward faster? No matter the cause, data loss brings business to a halt. But it’s not just the malicious incidents we mentioned above. It’s everyday occurrences like device migrations and tech refreshes.

Stay tuned to see how forward-thinking organizations are leveraging endpoint backup to make device migrations easier on everyone while also mitigating the risk of data loss.

Can you bounce back—no matter what? We’ve all probably wished we had a CTRL-Z in other aspects of our lives, but when it comes to data loss incidents, you can. Endpoint backup gives you the ability to undo user errors, restore devices in minutes, and even go back to the moment before a cyberattack.

Check back throughout the month to learn more about how to spot risk sooner, move forward faster, and always bounce back. Or, dive in right now with the Five Reasons Why You Need Endpoint Backup white paper!