MacDonald-Miller Protects Company Time, Money and Reputation with Code42

For some businesses, the old adage “time is money” is especially true. Take the construction industry. You might not think that a lost file would cause significant headaches at a building site, but when you start pulling on that thread, it all makes sense. If an engineer loses a file and has to spend 15 minutes calling IT, that may result in concrete hardening inside a mixing truck, workers sitting idle while on the clock, or other delays – all of which cost money.

MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions is a full-service, design-build mechanical contractor based in the Pacific Northwest, and the subject of the most recent Code42 case study. In it, MacDonald-Miller network administrator Chad Tracy discusses how Code42 has helped the organization prevent data loss, protecting them from loss of time, money and reputation.

Prior to Code42, data loss had a very real cascading effect on the company. “When people would lose a file, they’d say, ‘You know, the two to four hours it took me to recreate that file cost me time on the job,’” Tracy says. “It got to a point where we heard enough of those stories. We just wanted a system in place so it would never happen again.”

Read the case study today to learn why MacDonald-Miller believes that Code42 not only protects the company from risks to future growth, but also changed the very culture of the company.