Modern endpoint backup turns ransomware into mere nuisance for global consulting company

Ransomware scares the heck out of IT and InfoSec professionals, but it doesn’t have to. A Code42 customer recently hit with ransomware, recovered the same day. In this guest blog, an IT director from a global consulting firm shared a not-so-harrowing experience to illustrate how modern endpoint backup handily defeats the purpose of ransomware. Our guest asked us to protect the name of his company. Here is his story.

Easy restore provides quick relief from ransomware panic

The ransomware hit hard and fast. It was amazing to see how quickly it spread between users and across our multiple international offices. Of course, you can’t help but feel a moment of panic. But then I thought, “What do we do? We restore from backup, and we’re back in business.”

Code42 CrashPlan gave us complete visibility into exactly when the ransomware hit. Because we have continuous, automatic backups running all the time, we just selected the most recent backup before that time, and did an easy restore. We were back up and running that same day.

CrashPlan definitely saved us. Without it, we would have lost a lot of critical data, and a ton of productivity. Frankly, had we not had CrashPlan, I wouldn’t be writing this post—because I wouldn’t have a job.

If you don’t have backup, you’re part of the problem 

Since we got hit, I’ve been adamant in telling my IT peers that they need to prepare and protect themselves against ransomware. The cryptoware problem isn’t going away. It’s not a matter of if. The question is: when it strikes, how are you going to deal with it? And the only solution, as far as I’m concerned, is real-time backup.

If you’re in IT or InfoSec, it’s your responsibility to make sure your company is protected. Companies keep paying the ransom because they’re unprepared. I tell people they can’t pay—how can you trust criminals? But more importantly, when you pay the ransom, you’re legitimizing their actions; you’re just adding fuel to the fire. If you don’t have a data security strategy that includes automatic, real-time backup, you’re part of the problem.

Endpoint backup makes ransomware a mere nuisance

Having gone through the ransomware scare, I’m more confident than ever in Code42 CrashPlan. Today, if ransomware hits my computer, I’m not even worried about it. It’s a nuisance—that’s it. We have modern endpoint backup in place. We test it. We know it works. So we don’t have to worry.

One response to “Modern endpoint backup turns ransomware into mere nuisance for global consulting company

  1. I’m sorry but this is an excellent sales piece but pure BS in terms of end-all ransomeware protection.

    Resets based on backups are an excellent starting place for protection. It’s absolutely necessary.

    How does the enterprise understand, however, what may have previously been planted into the system on an undetected intrusion? Is the system promoted above perfect in detecting cyber entry?

    If I were running a serious campaign against enterprise X you can be certain my team would leave behind elements that could be activated at any point in the future. Something as simple as demonstrating the ability to control the cyber linked printer network could, and likely would, cause the enterprise to make a deal of some sort.

    Can you trust crooks? Of course not. But can you trust them to use their leverage? More likely. A demonstration of capability will create action.

    For every incident of commercial cyber espionage, there remains the threat of the ‘leave behind’ malicious code.

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