Move Forward Faster: An Inspiring Tale of Device Migration—Transformed

Here’s an all-too-familiar story that’s sure to keep IT pros up at night: A new CIO arrives at a large enterprise and announces an urgent, company-wide tech upgrade. All 14,000+ employees need new laptops—within the year. Looking at your existing, IT-heavy device migration process—averaging a day or more per user—you’re not feeling hopeful.

An IT nightmare turns into an IT dream

What if we told you this story has a happy—quite incredible—ending? That the IT team managed to cut device migrations from a day or more to just an hour? That they enabled user-driven migrations and largely cut IT out of the equation? That they refreshed more than 1,000 laptops a month and hit their goal of upgrading more than 14,000 users in just a year?

Backup awareness means knowing all that your backup can do for your business

That’s the true story of how Qualcomm, a leading telecom company, used Code42 to conquer a momentous device migration challenge. It’s also a powerful example of how the best endpoint backup solutions go beyond backup and recovery, solving perennial IT challenges and helping businesses move forward faster.

Move forward faster: Code42-powered device migration

There are a number of ways Code42’s comprehensive endpoint data collection, protection and recovery lead to faster, more successful enterprise device migrations:

  1. Get a major head start: IT never has to manually back up user devices, nor wait or worry about users manually backing up before a migration. Every device and every file is continuously backed up.
  2. Streamline migration workflows: Migrate all user device data—including device settings and preferences—in one simple step. Cut migration timelines from days to hours.
  3. Deploy more efficient migration models: Enable group migrations that reduce IT time and the scheduling burden of large-scale migration projects.
  4. Solve the problem of remote users: Enable remote device migrations to keep your entire workforce on the latest, most secure technology.
  5. Move toward the dream of user-driven migrations: Provide intuitive self-restore workflows that allow even the least tech-savvy users to make the migration anytime, anywhere—on their schedule.
  6. Never—ever—lose your data: Rest assured that all user data is always backed up, so you eliminate the risk of costly data loss that plagues 1 in 3 enterprise data migration projects.

Put all these together and the result is powerful: tech refresh that doesn’t slow users down and doesn’t overburden IT.

Ready to reimagine device migration? Download the Device Migration Toolkit to get started.

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