Product Spotlight: Code42 5.4 Strengthens, Speeds and Eases Data Tasks

Get faster migration, site-based bandwidth management and simplified compliance

Today, Code42 is proud to announce the general availability of version 5.4 of the Code42 platform. In summary, the 5.4 release:

  • Speeds your Windows device-replacement workflow
  • Offers greater control over bandwidth usage
  • Simplifies management of regulated data
  • Strengthens product security and scalability

The solution for Windows 10 migration pains

Companies are living the pain of performing large-scale Windows 10 data migrations in which user profile settings, like desktop wallpaper and shortcuts are typically ignored. Without leveraging USMT (user state migration tools), the process of migrating each user’s profile is tedious and manual. This release enables IT admins to easily migrate data and user profile settings during the Windows 10 upgrade process. Moreover, new functionality in the device migration wizard makes it easy for end users to transfer files and profile settings with no assistance from IT.


A new interface for managing bandwidth by location

For companies with multiple global locations, a common problem has been managing bandwidth limitations for traveling employees. For example, the bandwidth thresholds in the U.S. may be considerably different than those in China. When a traveling employee from the U.S. backs up his or her device in China—where available bandwidth may be less than in the U.S.—network traffic speeds can be impacted. For this reason, 5.4 introduces an interface for Site-Based Bandwidth Management to give customers the ability to dynamically control bandwidth by location via the admin console.

picture2New compliance settings and controls

IT admins are the professionals tasked with assuring that backup strategies meet compliance regulations such as HIPAA, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, ITAR and FISMA. Adherence to data privacy rules often requires manual configuration of data access settings, as well as continuous vetting of configuration changes with the legal, risk and compliance teams. The 5.4 release enables our customers to apply compliance settings with just a few clicks.


Get started today

Take advantage of these and other 5.4 features by upgrading to version 5.4 of the Code42 platform. View the release notes for more details, and upgrade now.