Product Spotlight: The Code42 CrashPlan Reporting Web App

Today, we’re pleased to announce the availability of version 5.3 of the Code42 platform. Release highlights include:

  • A new App Downloads interface to help you track and manage client upgrades
  • The ability to enable standards-based transport-layer security (TLS) for server-to-server and client-to-server communication
  • Security updates throughout the Code42 platform
  • And the addition of three new reports inside the Reporting Web App

Planning, monitoring and reporting made easy

The Reporting Web App, which was first introduced in version 5.1, makes it faster and easier to get pertinent information on your Code42 environment. Previously, customers relied on API scripts to derive detailed information on their users, devices, organizations and destinations.

Now, the data you need is available via pre-built reports: the Device Status Report (introduced in version 5.1), the Organization Backup Report, the Destination Status Report and the User Backup Report.

Code42 5.3 release web app report.
Quickly toggle between reports to find and export data.

Here’s where you can get answers to common questions like:

  • When was the last time a device completed a full backup?
  • How much total storage is being used by destination, organization or user?
  • How much cold storage is being consumed by destination?
  • How many Code42 subscriptions are used by cold storage users who have no other archives?
  • How many (and which) devices are backing up to a given destination?
  • Which users consume the most storage?
  • How many (and which) users are using the Code42 CrashPlan mobile app?
  • How many devices are in use across a given organization? Which OS and OS versions are end users using?

Customer use cases for the Reporting Web App

Data derived from the Reporting Web App can be utilized to help IT:

Plan for storage growth
Determine total storage consumed, and extract regular reports to chart growth over time. Understand which users and destinations require the most storage.

Prepare for OS and tech refresh
Pull reports by OS platform (Mac, Windows or Linux) and OS version to determine who’s up next for tech refresh and how much time and budget should be allocated to the project.

Manage departmental chargebacks
Get a quick view into how much storage and how many licenses are consumed by a given organization.

Budget for additional Code42 user subscriptions
Account for your active Code42 user subscriptions and identify how many subscriptions are associated with cold storage users.

Hold users accountable for incomplete backups
Provide department leaders with a report of all users in their organization who have not recently completed a backup.

Get started today

Take advantage of these and other 5.3 features by upgrading to version 5.3 of the Code42 platform. View the release notes for more detail, or upgrade now.