Ransomware Data Loss: What Will It Cost You?

Ransomware is a problematic cyber threat. In 2015, there were an average of 4,000 ransomware attacks per day in the U.S. alone, and the number has only climbed since then. Fifty percent of U.S. companies reported being the target of a ransomware attack in 2016. In 2017, the world was introduced to the biggest ransomware threats yet in the form of WannaCry and NotPetya. Worse yet, ransomware is predicted to $11.5 billion in losses by the end of 2019. If that doesn’t give you pause, nothing will.

Ransomware is real, rampant and ruthless.

Recovering from ransomware

The only way to outwit the cybercriminals is to protect your data before ransomware hits. The FBI agrees and recommends that you never pay. Without a comprehensive data protection strategy in place, you’re pretty much out of luck when ransomware strikes. When it does, it’s going to cost you, either in Bitcoin or in lost data.

The cybercriminals will tell you how much money they demand for the safe return of your data. But what if you follow the FBI’s recommendation and refuse to pay the ransom? How much would your data loss cost you?

Calculating the cost of ransomware data loss

If you aren’t sure how to quantify the financial impact of data loss from ransomware on your business, you aren’t alone. We’ve created a simple online calculator that will help.

It’s easy. Just answer a few questions about your enterprise environment. We do the number crunching for you. Curious about how much lost data costs you in other areas of your business? Complete the sections about data migration, hard drive recovery and device failure and loss for a custom analysis. This is especially helpful if you need to justify your endpoint data protection budget.

All in, it should take you about five minutes to complete. You can run the numbers as many times as you want to see how different answers affect your risk calculations.

Code42 data loss risk calculator

We hope that endpoint data protection is your number one priority as you plan for the next year. Based on the stats above, we’re all going to need it. Ransomware is like a runaway bullet train. Until you stop it, you’re at the mercy of a countdown clock and your ability to recover. Endpoint data protection is the only way to guarantee data recovery–without paying the ransom.

Find out how much ransomware data loss is costing you. Calculate your risk with the Data Loss Risk Calculator.