Real-time Recovery Is at the Core of Code42

Code42 provides your business with a variety of benefits, including increased productivity, risk mitigation, streamlined user workflows, and more – all in a single product that’s been proven to ultimately save you money. All of these benefits are all built off our core feature: real-time recovery of endpoint data. With Code42, you get your data back faster when data loss incidents strike – and strike they will. Accidental deletion, file corruption, hardware failure, or even widespread cyberattack – sooner or later you’ll have to deal with one or more of these issues.

We recently partnered with the talented team at creative agency Crash+Sues to create a series of videos about the core features of Code42, and we naturally kicked the project off by highlighting our recovery feature. We’re happy to share it with you today. Take a look to learn more about Real-time Recovery with Code42 – you may even be entertained in the process!