Schneider Electric Achieves Multiple Benefits with Code42

Schneider Electric Sweden, an energy management company, lives or dies based on the success of their team of well-traveled consultants. And their consultants’ success is directly tied to the sensitive data that travels with them wherever they go. In fact, Schneider estimates the value of the data on a consultant’s laptop to be $150,000.

Because of the importance of this data–and the dire business consequences of it being lost, stolen or simply unavailable–Schneider decided to upgrade their backup and recovery solution to Code42.

The change was easy to justify. Schneider implemented the Code42 solution and it has already paid off for them in substantial ways:

  • Laptop upgrades in one sixth the time
  • Over 7,000 hours of employee downtime saved
  • Successful recovery from a WannaCry ransomware attack

Check out the full case study to learn more about how Schneider Electric keeps their most precious resource–their consultants–as productive as possible.