Security Is Something To Fear, Until You Understand It

Every IT Modernization discussion seems to involve “the cloud.” For many organizations, a future that includes cloud-based data protection seems inevitable – until the naysayers point at all of security breaches and headlines, thereby vetoing cloud-based anything as being less secure than whatever IT is running within your own environment. But is it less secure?

ESG recently published another research report on Data Protection Cloud Strategies, which seems to show two contradictory data points:

  • Among those not yet using cloud-powered data protection mechanisms, security/privacy concerns top their list of “why not.”
  • Among those already using cloud-powered data protection mechanisms, improved security was the number two recognized benefit, behind data survivability (which is especially key for mid-sized organizations without a second site of their own).

Can both be right? YES!

The short answer is the difference between ‘imagination’ (among those who are fearful) and ‘experience’ (among those who have investigated the current market offerings, performed their due diligence, and then implemented within their real-world environments).

For a longer answer, ESG recently produced a solution showcase for Code42 that includes the data listed above (top objections and top recognized benefits of cloud-based data protection), along with some commentary on how the Code42 solution aligns with the market requirements around a secure, enterprise‑suitable data protection cloud-solution.

Click here to download the ESG paper.

Also, feel free to check out all of ESG’s data protection coverage.

Jason Buffington (@JBuff) is the Principal Analyst at ESG focusing on all forms of data protection, preservation, and availability. He has actively deployed or consulted on data protection and storage solutions for 28 years, working at channel partners, various data protection software vendors, and Microsoft.

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