Simplify higher education data recovery with endpoint backup

Code42’s Higher Ed Data Recovery Survey of IT administrators revealed that while dramatic incidents like lost or stolen laptops, data migration and ransomware are areas of concern, there’s a much more mundane cause behind the majority of academic data losses: faculty and staff. Fifty percent of survey respondents indicated that their number-one concern is data loss resulting from faculty and staff members’ failure to back up to the network.


The human factor

Your faculty and staff are creative and industrious. Their research and hypotheses are changing the world everyday. Unfortunately, your educators may be inconsistent when it comes to backing up their work for posterity.

For most information workers, getting work done trumps backup compliance. Working fast, remotely and on many things at once makes it bothersome to stop everything to back up files—so they don’t. This puts your organization’s most critical asset at risk.

The solution: Make a manual process automatic

When backup is automatic and continuous—rather than manual and periodic—everyone is assured that all the files created and stored on laptops and desktops are preserved.

Code42 CrashPlan is modern endpoint backup that securely backs up end-user data in real time, so faculty can recover their files no matter what, and campus IT can remediate and recover from any data incident. Find out why colleges and universities, including 7 of 8 Ivy League schools, rely on Code42.

Download the Guide to Modern Endpoint Backup today.


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