Every record matters: The business case for data loss prevention

We all like making decisions based on evidence. And it’s a lot easier to get behind a change that promises a return. This is the eternal struggle of enterprise security. How do you make the business case for proactive data loss prevention (DLP) measures when you know they won’t completely prevent data breach? How do you convince decision-makers about an ROI that makes “the worst” less bad? … Read More

Lessons from “Hackers:” re-thinking cybersecurity

September 2015 marked the 20th anniversary of the release of "Hackers," the cult-classic movie that introduced the general public to the shadowy world of cybercrime. While it’s fun to laugh at the outdated 30-pound laptops and dial-up connections, the reality is that the popular understanding of cybercrime and malware still reflects this storyline—the nefarious hacker facing off against antivirus agents as he tries remotely to break into your system and install a malicious virus. This misguided and romanticized notion of malware is hurting the modern enterprise. … Read More

The web’s greediest villain: ransomware

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NSCAM) and it's meant to engage, educate and raise awareness of the importance of cybersecurity to our nation. We are celebrating with a series of blog posts, giveaways and juicy content all about protecting users and networks from the growing threats that haunt our digital lives. This post covers one of the darkest, greediest threats out there: ransomware. … Read More