Forrester Examines the Total Economic Impact™ of Code42: Webinar Available On-Demand

The buyer mindset has shifted from a drive to protect the business at all costs to a drive to grow the business. But the focus on growth shifts what’s expected of IT teams—and dramatically changes how businesses define the value of the technologies and tools they’re investing in.

Leaders expect a business case for IT investment

Analysts are looking closely at how IT teams are feeling the impacts of the focus on growth. Forrester says 90 percent of IT decision-makers now agree there’s value in making a strong business case for an IT investment. But unlike the business cases of the recession years, today’s IT business case must go beyond cost savings and risk mitigation. It needs to show how an IT investment moves the business forward—supporting things like productivity, innovation, scalability, agility and ultimately, growth.

Forrester shows Code42 supports smart business growth

At Code42, we’ve always been focused on delivering real business value to our customers. We recently commissioned Forrester to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study on Code42 customers—quantifying the benefits, costs, risks, and the value of the flexibility gained from Code42’s essential IP protection. The results speak for themselves. The table below is an excerpt from the TEI study and shows the three-year impact for a typical Code42 customer.

3-Year TEI Impact for Typical Code42 Customer

Full TEI webinar and study available on-demand

All the juicy details of the Forrester TEI study are revealed in our 30-minute webinar, featuring guest speaker Dean Davison, Forrester principal consultant and author of the study. The webinar covers the hard numbers on how Code42 supports business growth, including:

  • Increased productivity
  • Minimized downtime and business disruptions
  • Streamlined user workflows
  • Mitigating risks that can impede growth strategies
  • Plus: First-person accounts on how Code42 has helped IT teams support business growth initiatives

You can also read the full report, The Total Economic Impact™ Of Code42: Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By Endpoint Backup.

Forrester Report Demonstrates Business Value of Code42

There’s a tremendous shift within the enterprise IT world. For many years, IT and security leaders invested in technology to protect their company, customers, and brand at all costs. But now we’re seeing a shift: Business leaders are willing to accept some risk in order to grow. In this new era, business decision-makers often require vendors to answer one simple question: “What value are you delivering to our business?” While risk is still relevant for executives, technology solutions must demonstrate either the ability to directly drive growth, or to secure it.

Some risks can never be tolerated

While business executives might be more tolerant of some risks, risks that disrupt the business and impede growth are unacceptable. With comprehensive, automatic, and continuous endpoint data protection and real-time recovery, IT teams can support top growth priorities across the enterprise:

  • Time to market: Your work and your IP is always safe, especially from walking out the door.
  • Time to revenue: Sales is never disrupted, revenue creation never stops, and your client list stays in house.
  • Smart growth: Risk during mergers and acquisitions is minimal. You have complete control of the IP acquired.

Forrester did the math: Code42 delivers measurable business value

We’ve always been a “show me, don’t just tell me” kind of company. We like data, evidence, and proof. That’s why we commissioned Forrester to conduct an independent study on the quantifiable business value provided by Code42. The new Forrester Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study demonstrated that Code42 delivers significant ROI and net present value (NPV) by directly driving a number of growth factors: increasing end-user productivity, minimizing downtime and disruptions, streamlining IT and end-user workflows, and mitigating a range of risks that can impede growth initiatives.

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