‘Twas the Night Before Windows 10 Migration

‘Twas the night before Windows 10 migration, when all through the office
No one was working—not one click of a mouse.
All laptops and desktops were shut down with care,
In hopes that IT soon would be there.

The users were nestled all snug in their beds,
While frustrating visions danced in their heads.
After hours of downtime; employees without devices
They’d find settings, preferences and DATA lost—oh, what a crisis!
When from their iPhones arose such a clatter,
They sprung from their beds to see what was the matter.
There in the inbox, a message from IT:
“This time, migration will be simple—for you and for me!”
“We’ll use Code42 to manage the process,
You’ll self-migrate in minutes and we’ll eliminate data losses.

“Tomorrow at 9, after all have arrived
And with continuous endpoint backup covering all hard drives
We’ll send a link via email—‘Just click to install’
No need to wait for help—Windows 10 for us all!
“Now, Sales! Now, Accounting! Now HR and Admin!
On, Marketing! On, Legal! On, Research & Development!
Click the link, follow the cues, it’s really quite nice
In minutes, you’ll be back to work on your device.

“No worries of configuring preferences and other chores
Integration with Windows USMT means settings are still yours.
And fear not, Apple faithful—Code42 has your back
All of these benefits apply to your Mac!

With such a smooth migration, we’re sure to see
Little downtime and big cost savings—especially for IT.
And with your worries gone, dear users, we know you’ll sleep tight


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