Upgrading with Code42: Make it Second Nature

While upgrading most software is second nature to most of us, we know that sometimes customers forget to upgrade, and it’s easy to fall a few versions behind. This is why we recently hosted a webinar for technical tips and tricks for upgrading the Code42 platform. This webinar was designed to make it easy to stay up to date, and includes a quick demo to put these tips into action.

Code42 is constantly evolving, enhancing existing features and adding new ones. In addition to the fun stuff, we’re constantly adding behind-the-scenes enhancements such as security patches and performance improvements. In the webinar, I discuss some best practices when performing upgrades. The upgrade process has been significantly streamlined and improved over the years, but there are still some very important tips to keep in mind.

For example, Code42 creates a database dump every night. This database dump contains your entire master server settings, such as users, LDAP configuration, encryption keys and much more. This database allows you to restore quickly in case something goes wrong during the upgrade. It is very important that you back this up in general, but manually dumping a copy right before performing an upgrade is critical. Our support article on recovering a server covers the process of restoring your master server if needed.

We’ve also got tips on controlling client upgrades to help with network issues in larger environments. These tips also apply to deploying the redesigned client included with the Code42 server 5.x upgrades. It is perfectly fine to have a mix of the legacy 4.x client and the newer 5.x client in your environment.

If you aren’t up to date in your Code42 environment and aren’t sure where to start, check out the webinar. We’re confident that you’ll find the information within it useful, but if you need any additional help, please remember to reach out to our technical support team or your CSM for additional help.