User Adoption: 5 Ways to Get and Keep Your Users on Code42

Welcome to the Code42 family! Now that you have made the decision to protect all of your endpoint data, how do you communicate this great new tool to your users and get it into their hands? I recently presented a webinar about user adoption, which is a topic I feel strongly about. As a member of our Customer Success team, I have worked on many of our very large enterprise deployments. I sometimes see customers in IT departments that love and value the product, but run into roadblocks when trying to get their users on board. Some of the ways to get and keep your users on Code42 are shared below and in the webinar.

First, I recommend making sure your users understand why you purchased Code42 in the first place. I walk though real stories on how Code42 can help users, such as never needing to worry about ransomware, lost files, failed hard drives, or losing data when migrating to a new laptop.

Another recommendation is to communicate your specific use cases to your users by creating email campaigns or internal marketing events and advertising Code42 to your users. Our user adoption kit is a great place to start for assets to help with your internal campaign! This will get the word out about the application and how much of a productivity booster it can really be.

Lastly, it’s imperative that the application can be deployed to your users in the least disruptive way possible. I review the different deployment strategies and the new usability of the latest Code42 client to help assist with this.

Throughout the webinar, I show a couple demos, uncover a few “gotchas” and share tips and tricks to help your users adopt quicker. I hope you enjoy it!