World Backup Day Quiz: Is Your Backup Putting You At Risk?

World Backup Day is this Friday, and while at Code42 we love the attention it brings to a topic that’s dear to our hearts, we worry it sends the wrong message to enterprise audiences. That’s because in the business world, backup isn’t a simple yes/no question—it’s a complex solution that addresses a range of business needs. Every enterprise has some form of backup, but many backup solutions don’t check all the critical boxes. Many businesses think they’re covered because they invested big money in a backup solution. Then disaster strikes, and they learn the truth—too late.

So, we encourage you to celebrate World Backup Day by taking this quick quiz:

Does Your Enterprise Backup Leave You Vulnerable?

1. Are you covering endpoint data?
With 75 percent of the workforce now regularly working on endpoints beyond the enterprise firewall, anywhere from half to two-thirds of all enterprise data now lives outside the data center. Yet a 2016 CyberEdge report found only 1 in 5 businesses back up at least 80 percent of their users’ laptops. If your backup solution isn’t purpose-built to cover endpoints, you’re in trouble.

2. Are you using outdated storage mediums?
Tape-based backup is a technology that predates the fax machine, yet many organizations still use it. Restores and recovery tests are painfully slow, and the medium itself is extremely fragile. External drives are still a popular backup option for remote users. These are also easily compromised—damaged, lost or stolen. They also leave IT with zero data visibility. And while server-based backup may always play some role in the enterprise, the upfront costs and technical limitations simply can’t keep up with exponential enterprise data growth

3. Are you relying on policy—and placing backup in the hands of your users?
Users make mistakes. They don’t follow policy—largely because they don’t think it’s a priority. This is one of the main reasons backup is so critical—to protect against user error. If your backup solution depends on manual user action, you’re leaving data uncovered. Yet a recent survey found that less than half of businesses have implemented any form of automated backup.

4. How frequently do you back up data?
Businesses know they can’t wait until World Backup Day to back up their data. But considering that some organizations still back up on a (gasp!) weekly basis, plenty of businesses pat themselves on the back for backing up once or twice per day. What happens when disaster strikes mid-afternoon? You lose half a day (or more) of work. Gartner says businesses should aim to back up all enterprise data every 15 minutes. And there’s no way you’re hitting that goal if you’re counting on manual user backups.

5. Are you using more than one backup product?
As businesses scramble to catch up with evolving technologies, it’s easy to take a piecemeal approach—plugging small gaps with specialized patches. A great example: Nine in 10 companies now support Macs, but most of these companies are using a separate backup product to cover Mac users. This not only creates IT headaches—it leaves too much room for data to fall through the cracks. To see and protect all your data, you need a single, unified point of control for all platforms, all users and all endpoint data.

BONUS QUESTION: Are you using file sync and share (EFSS) in place of endpoint backup? Download the white paper, Why EFSS Does Not Equal Endpoint Backup, and see where this approach falls dangerously short.

Why EFSS Does Not Equal Endpoint Backup

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  1. World Backup Day is a good reminder to check your backup and your backup strategy to make sure all your essential data is safe.

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