You asked. We answered with Code42 CrashPlan 5.0

Some people ask me if companies have gone beyond backup—as if backing up and securing data is something to be taken for granted. While many companies are proactive about endpoint backup protection and security, we regularly encounter sobering evidence that some organizations have yet to get there. Among our most ardent supporters are those who once stared at a room full of charred laptops and wished they had deployed Code42 CrashPlan before the fire (flood, intrusion or other hazard). If you are reading this while using a computer that is not backed up, we are here to help! And, we’ve been listening and learning so we can make your Code42 CrashPlan experience better than ever. Even more importantly, we’ve taken action on what you’ve told us.

In the 5.0 release of Code42 CrashPlan, our fourth release this year, we’ve given unprecedented focus to what will help you secure your company’s endpoint data. We’ve maintained and strengthened the tradition of friction-free deployment making it easy to assure adoption throughout your enterprise. We’ve overhauled our UI and made it more responsive, more intuitive and simpler than ever to use. We’ve also augmented the actionable analytics for administrators so they can more easily discern the health of the system and give attention to compliance trouble spots. On top of that, we’re laying the groundwork for new ways for you to use historical data archives to address higher-order business and forensic problems.

Interactive design
A perfect cloud storage solution, if it existed, wouldn’t mean a thing if no one stored any data there. Put another way—if users don’t like the app, capturing the data through the app is doomed. We recognize that ease of use is key to your endpoint protection strategy, and in the 5.0 release we’ve made Code42 more appealing to end users with better user flows, simplified screens, natural language labels and a more modern, friendly feel.

New uses for historical archives
Code42, like other SaaS solutions essential to your organization, provides experiences to a spectrum of audiences like end users, administrators and those who are accountable for managing and mitigating risk in the enterprise—like the legal team. During litigation, Legal calls upon IT to preserve and collect files that flow through the laptops and desktops. These specific tasks and workflows related to collection can consume a lot of time for IT and cause delays in the process for everyone involved.

In 5.0, we’ve made it easier for each of these teams to do their respective jobs with the addition of a web-based legal hold app. In this simple-to-use application, legal counsel can choose custodians, define and manage preservation policies, gather documents and transition to the next phase of eDiscovery workflows elsewhere.

With the Code42 legal hold app, IT can step out of the direct process and empower legal to stay unblocked.

This is our latest effort to expand the value of the backed up data for other uses and other stakeholders.

More data about the data
Code42 provides reports, and we allow you to do analytics through our API. In 5.0, we accelerated the ability to build custom dashboards by adding a new Splunk app (available from their website store). This app provides more meaningful information about aggregate data and the ability to drill down to a single device or user. This integration, and additional analytics tools in the works, is a result of customers asking for monitoring tools to see what’s happening in their data.

There are a number of other improvements to CrashPlan 5.0 for IT, end users and more. I hope you’ll watch this video and contact us to learn more.

Download The Guide to Modern Endpoint Backup and Data Visibility to learn more about selecting a modern endpoint backup solution in a dangerous world.



9 responses to “You asked. We answered with Code42 CrashPlan 5.0

  1. We had a recent system crash and looked at using our CrashPlan backup to reinstate all our files.
    We discovered that the files were too big to be downloaded and a hard copy needed to be ordered.
    We next discovered that you only send backups within the U.S. and we are in Canada.
    We were able to use a another source to recover our files and have concern that you are taking customers outside of the U.S. that you are unable to properly service.

  2. Why aren’t you proudly announcing the end of computer-to-computer backup?
    Why are you still ADVERTISING computer to computer backup?
    I just upgraded… and discovered that 100% of my computer-to-computer backups are no longer supported as of version 5.0.1 and will NEVER be supported???!!!

    Folks, you are shooting yourselves in the foot. For mobile and minimal-bandwidth users who travel extensively, for those who need instant restore of large files (without waiting for the service provider), the computer-to-computer backup is crucial, not just nice to have.

    I would love to hear your statement of why this change.

    1. Sorry we discontinued one of your favorite features. Utilization of computer-to-computer backup has declined measurably since its release so we made the decision to focus on other product features useful to businesses. It’s still available in our consumer product, that’s why you’re seeing advertising related to that feature. Thanks for your feedback!

          1. Hi Bartek,

            Great question. We don’t have an ETA at this time, however, when any dates are announced we’ll let our users know.

  3. Alternatively, and this is where the paid part of the service comes in, you can set the backup target as Code42’s servers. For a fixed annual cost, Code42 offers unlimited backup storage on its servers.

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